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How Can You Benefit from Medication Management?

One in five American adults lives with mental health disorders. Mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are extremely common, and these days, lots of different treatments are available to help you live better despite being diagnosed with a mental health disorder.

Boston Neurobehavioral Associates is dedicated to providing top-tier mental health services for adults of all ages. We offer psychotherapy and psychiatry, along with medication management: a comprehensive approach to care.

With medication management, we evaluate your medical history and mental health condition(s) to prescribe the best type of psychiatric medication and the right dosage for you.

It’s highly personalized, and medication management at Boston Neurobehavioral Associates can help you:

Get the most out of your medication

There are countless prescription medications available to treat mental health disorders. While many work great for some people, there’s no one medication that works perfectly for everyone. 

Mental health disorders affect everyone differently, so it’s no surprise that prescribing psychiatric medications requires expertise and personalized attention.

Our team takes the time to understand your health and your needs. We work with you to find the best medication (or combination of medications) for you, and we monitor you as your body adjusts to the new medication you start taking.

Many psychiatric medications take some time to start working to their fullest effect, and our medication management team tracks your progress and adjusts your dosage to ensure you’re getting the best possible results.

Minimize risks and side effects

Medication management includes a thorough review of any preexisting health conditions you have, along with all the medications you’re currently taking. Along with the rest of your health care team, we coordinate your prescriptions to minimize unnecessary side effects.

Our team continues working with you as long as you continue treatment. We perform regular medical evaluations to make sure your medication is still working well for you, and adjust medications or dosages as needed.

Combine medication with other therapies

For many people, psychiatric medication is just one piece of their treatment plan. Antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and other medications can significantly improve your quality of life, but psychotherapy is another important element.

At Boston Neurobehavioral Associates, our therapists specialize in psychiatry and psychotherapy for individuals. Participating in therapy gives you tools for living with your mental health condition and modifying your behavior, and it can complement the results you achieve with psychiatric medication.

Plus, our telehealth program means you can get personalized care from home. We offer therapy and prescription management services via our telehealth platform for patients in Boston and now, Chicago. 

Take the next step

Are you ready to learn more about the benefits of psychiatric medication management? Our team at Boston Neurobehavioral Associates is here to help.

We offer medication management consultations and psychiatric evaluations to get a treatment plan started for you. Depending on your needs, we can recommend medication and/or therapy to help you navigate your symptoms and feel better in your everyday life.

To get started, simply contact us. Call the office nearest you spanning from the Greater Boston Area to Chicago. Ask about our telehealth services, or request your first appointment online now!

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