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Osama Cheema



Osama Cheema

Osama Cheema is an accomplished professional currently serving as the Executive Director at Boston Neurobehavioral Associates since September 2019. With a tenure of nearly four years, Cheema has displayed expertise in multiple areas critical to the organization's success. As the Executive Director, Cheema has excelled in process improvement, implementing strategies that have significantly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of operations at Boston Neurobehavioral Associates. His commitment to optimizing workflows has led to streamlined processes and improved outcomes, ensuring the organization's ability to deliver high-quality services.

Furthermore, Cheema has showcased exceptional skills in new business development, capitalizing on opportunities for growth within the healthcare industry. His in-depth knowledge and strategic approach have been instrumental in expanding the organization's reach and profitability. In addition to his expertise in management and finance, Cheema has also made significant contributions in operations, marketing, and hiring/recruitment. His well-rounded skill set has enabled him to successfully navigate these areas, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations, developing effective marketing strategies, and attracting top talent to support the growth and success of Boston Neurobehavioral Associates. With a proven track record and diverse skill set, Cheema continues to make a valuable impact in the healthcare field.

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