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I work with Adult Couples seeking to improve Communication & Emotional Connection.

I can help you Heal & Revitalize your Relationship/Marriage and Increase your Emotional, Sexual Connection & Intimacy, Reduce Criticism, Increase Teamwork, by helping you Enhance and Improve your Assertive Communication Skills. I can help you rebuild Trust & Respect; build on Your unique Friendship; help you Solve Problems associated with your Family; Friends, Careers, Money, Division of Labor, and Coparenting Teamwork. Prioritize your Significant Relationship. I work with: Heterosexual Couples, LGBTQ+A Couples, Interracial Couples, All Ethnicities.

I also work with Individual Adults with Depression and Anxiety.

In Individual Therapy, I can help you find the sources of your anxiety and depression, and then find ways to cope or resolve them.

I am an Active Listener, Compassionate, Empathic, Direct, Honest, Transparent, Proactive, Hard-working, Reliable, a Good, Effective Communicator, Responsive. (I do not work with the following: No Substance Use; No Eating Disorders; No Autism Spectrum Disorder; No Active SI or Self-harming behaviors).

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