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Katrin Margolin, LCSW, PMH-C



Katrin Margolin, LCSW, PMH-C

Katrin graduated top of her class from Boston University in 2020 with an MSW and is working towards the LICSW. While Katrin specializes in Perinatal Mental Health, she has substantial experience working with trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and grief and loss among other issues.
Her goal is to provide person-centered and strength-based care that meets the client where they are at and with what will help them specifically rather than a “one size fits all” approach.
One fun fact about Katrin is that she is from Denmark and moved to the US in 2012!

“*What we cannot acknowledge we cannot process. What we cannot process, we cannot transform. What we cannot transform haunts us. It takes another mind and heart to help us heal our own, to help us grow the capacities we need to transform suffering*.” – Joseph Bobrow, Ph.D.

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