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Julie Ali, LCSW


Julie A Ali, LCSW

 My name is Julie A Ali and I was born in Trinidad W.I. and migrated to America at age 10. My interest in children and family mental health stems from an early curiosity about human behavior and what is needed to bring peace and harmony into relationships, and what I might do to help.
My professional experiences are in the fields of social work and education, and over the past 30 years, I’ve worked in various roles: Clinician, Social Emotional Counselor, Mental Health Lead, Special Needs Expert/Lecturer, Teacher, New Teacher Coach and Teacher Licensure Program Coordinator.
My clinical practice includes Talk Therapy, Mindfulness,Yoga & Meditation principles, Psychodynamic modalities and Integrated Islamic Therapies when applicable. My practices are also constantly growing through additional training.
I’ve worked with children, teenages and adults with various mental health concerns including, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, pyschosis, school related behavior management, cultural identity and adaptation/assimilation, family conflicts, child abuse and neglect, as well as pandemic related concerns such as isolation and video game /screen addictions.
I am a graduate of Boston University School of Social Work with advanced degrees from Simmons College and the University of Massachusetts. I am a licensed social worker LCSW, School social worker, Exceptional educator all levels and a Doctor of Education.
I am a mother, grandmother and Board member of Sojourner House Family Shelter in Roxbury MA and most recently a presenter for ISLA (Islamic School League of America).

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