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Israel Egeruo, PHMNP



Israel C. Egeruo, PMHNP

Israel C. Egeruo, PMHNP, brings a wealth of experience and compassion to his practice as a
psychiatric nurse practitioner. With a background spanning over a decade in mental health
counseling and nursing, Dr. Egeruo is dedicated to providing personalized care to individuals
struggling with anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.
His ideal client is someone seeking empathetic psychiatric care, valuing a holistic approach that
integrates therapy and medication for optimal treatment outcomes.  Mr. Egeruo's   specialty lies in
mood and anxiety disorders, where he excels in blending evidence-based therapy with precision
medication management.
Having walked the path of a psychiatric nurse and counselor, Mr. Egeruo deeply understands the
challenges his clients face. He sees seeking help as a courageous step towards a more fulfilling
life and invites individuals to reach out and begin their journey toward mental wellness. With
Mr. Egeruo's support, clients can navigate their path to emotional resilience and personal growth collaboratively.

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