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Heba Munir



Heba Munir, Content Marketing Lead

As the Content Marketing Lead at BNBA, Heba has played a pivotal role in directing internal and external communication strategies. Internally, she spearheads patient communication efforts, ensuring messaging clarity and consistency. Externally, Heba manages client communication, cultivating robust relationships and effectively conveying the organization's values. Her responsibilities extend to overseeing advertising campaigns, crafting engaging content across platforms, and devising social media marketing strategies.

In addition, Heba conducts surveys among employees and patients to gather invaluable feedback for continuous improvement. She maintains quality assurance by meticulously reviewing projects, promptly addressing any issues, and implementing necessary adjustments. With a diverse skill set encompassing web content writing and social media communications, Heba adeptly manages the content marketing aspect of the organization, leveraging her experience to drive impactful initiatives.

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