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Dr. Teron Verma, MD



Dr. Teron Verma

Dr. Teron Verma is a Psychiatrist with Boston Neurobehavioral Associates (BNBA) with a focus on dealing with various mental health pathologies.  He is dedicated to helping his clients deal with the myriad of complexities that come with mental health pathologies, and alleviate stigmas in pursuing care. He provides personalized pharmacotherapy as well as psychotherapy to help his clients deal with depression, anxiety, mood disorders, psychotic disorders or any other behavioral disturbances, which the client needs help with during their visit.  He values helping his clients achieve their goals to reach stability and on future growth as an individual.

As a Psychiatrist, he has worked in various settings to help clients with mental health pathologies.  He has utilized medication management and a dedicated continuum of care model with his support staff for his clients.   He enjoys helping his clients reach a pinnacle point in their mental health for the future. Ultimately, Dr. Verma is here to provide mental health care to our clients via evaluations and follow ups, and work with the team at BNBA in fulfilling the clients mental health care needs.





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