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Deena DiMaria, LCSW



Deena DiMaria, LCSW

Deena DiMaria is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in anxiety disorders and complex trauma. Deena’s ideal client is seeking a psychotherapist who can help address challenges stemming from anxiety and / or complex trauma. This client values a person-centered approach, whereby the client is met with unconditional positive regard. Additionally, this client is interested in learning skills to manage their symptoms. The client is focused on learning new ways of thinking and being in the world in order to improve their overall well-being.

Deena is a psychotherapist who has experience working with adults with anxiety disorders and complex trauma. Though Deena pulls from various therapeutic models, in order to tend to the specific needs of each client, she utilizes CBT and DBT approaches often. In addition to psychotherapy, Deena is trained in a body-based modality (Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga) aimed at addressing symptoms arising from complex trauma and PTSD. Deena makes every effort to create a non judgemental environment, focusing on building a therapeutic alliance with her clients in order to address her clients' needs.

Clients who are looking to gain a sense of usefulness and a sense of control over themselves and their lives can reach out to schedule an appointment. Deena is here to provide support to clients seeking to start a new chapter in their lives on their journey to wellness and healing.

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