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David Gil MD Psychiatrist


Dr. David Gil, MD

Dr. David Gil, MD

I have spent my career ministering to the needs of the public sector, and training mental healthcare professionals of every ilk – from psychiatric residents and medical students to psychology and clinical social work interns, from NPs to psychiatric nurses to nursing students to direct-care staff in community residential treatment programs and special schools of every possible description.

My career-long devotion to the most injured and disenfranchised populations – residing in state hospitals, state schools, and group homes from Maine to northern Virginia – has conferred “adhoc” expertise in treating the unique mental health needs of the brain injured, developmentally disabled, autistic, profoundly mentally ill, and sufferers of rare diseases.






1969        A.B. cumlaude
1969-73   M.D.

French studies

Scandinavian studies

Germanic studies

Scandinavian Studies
Medical studies

College Cévenol, Le
Haute Loire, France
University of
Stockholm, Sweden
University of Uppsala,
Uppsala, Sweden
Harvard College
Case Western Reserve
University School of


Postdoctoral Training


Psychiatric        Psychiatry

Visiting Fellowship in ECT School

Worcester State
Hospital, Worcester,

Duke University of Medicine


Dean of Clinical Medicine, Saba University School of Medicine, Saba, W. I. Co-founder and Dean of Clinical Medicine, University of St. Eustasius School of Medicine, St. Eustasius, W.I. 
President and Dean, St. Christopher’s University School of Medicine, Luton, England Chief Academic Officer, Medical University of the Americas, Belize

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