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Jean Faucher, LCSW



Jean Faucher, LCSW

Jean (John) is a bilingual (French/English) Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) with extensive social work and therapeutic experience. He obtained a Bachelor of Social Work degree from McGill University (Canada) in 1995, and then immediately moved to Boston where he practiced as a social worker for close to two decades. Jean then obtained his Masters of Social Work from Smith College in 2018, and has since been working as a trauma informed therapist.

ean has helped individuals, couples, and families struggling with a wide array of challenges, such as difficulty adjusting and coping with various life events and circumstances, educational or work related problems, issues of low self-esteem, isolation, relationship problems, loss and grief, family and parenting difficulties, difficulties making ends meet, feeling overwhelmed or burned out, etc. Jean is well versed in treating a wide array of mental health diagnoses, including anxiety, depression, ADHD, as well as adjustment, OCD, substance use, bipolar, psychotic, and autism spectrum disorders. While Jean is particularly adept at working with people with a history of trauma, he values working with all individuals and families that seek help in improving their circumstances.

Jean ensures that he establishes a safe, confidential, trusting, and empathic relationship with you, which then becomes the foundation from which you will work together toward achieving your goals. He suspends judgment to instead focus on developing an understanding and deep appreciation of your particular circumstances, strengths, and struggles. He will work collaboratively with you to make effective use of your strengths to achieve your goals, while being mindful of the barriers that may impede your ability to do so. As the need arises, he will help you develop and practice new skills, access new tools, and achieve greater understanding of your circumstances, in order to help improve your ability to achieve your goals. Jean uses an eclectic therapeutic approach that is tailored to your needs and circumstances, guided by relational, humanistic, psychodynamic, attachment, systems, narrative, motivational, cognitive behavioral, harm reduction, trauma informed, and evidence based theories and practices.

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