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Anthony Vario, LCSW


Anthony Vario, LICSW

Hi. I'm Anthony. I believe that we all deserve to receive and accept love, grow from love, and love our growth. You are the painter of your life's portrait, and it is yours for the painting. Its path depends on your vision, care, creativity, and self-regard. In therapy, we will observe, understand, receive and accept your authenticity. We will also enliven and embrace your self exploration and self-awareness to characterize your originality. You will encounter your luminous watercolors, and the grooves of your greatest creation.

I am professional, caring and creative. I wish to support you in your artistry, and witness the beauty that exists within you, and with your trust, coach you through a variety of techniques which will serve to stimulate your inspiration, artistic direction, and potential. Above all, we'll lean into the love and acceptance that you have for yourself. Nobody's going to be you other than you, so you have to be you, so be brilliant, shimmering and bold.

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