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Anthony Vario, LCSW



You are loved- you are valued- you are worthy- you are enough…

Anthony is a unique, warm, and embraceable person who easily makes connections with people. He feels that the path to inner peace begins with an ability to acknowledge and accept one’s feelings, to embrace the healing process instead of solely focusing on the solution. Working with individuals seeking self-healing, self-awareness, and purpose is important to Anthony. He believes that validation goes a long way and feels that symptoms can often be induced by feeling invalidated, having distorted beliefs, and intense emotions and sensitivity. Anthony strives to support his patients in realizing their self-worth. Since 2006, Anthony has occupied a variety of roles in the human services sector. He has served as a social worker to New York City, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts communities.

In Fall of 2022, Anthony will begin his doctoral training with Barry University earning his clinical doctorate in trauma-focused social work. His long-term professional goal is to become a clinical sexologist, primarily for gay males (Fall 2022). Outside of Anthony’s professional life—he is a researcher and writer. He enjoys 1970s movies and music, yoga, journaling, hikes, and being in freshwaters, even in cooler climates.

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